Can I hire you for a routine cleaning every 2 weeks? How about every 3 or 4 weeks?

Yes absolutely. Many of our clients are homeowners who hire our housekeepers to clean their home routinely. Our routine home cleaning services can be weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks or monthly. We can fit a structure to meet your budget and cleaning needs.

Do you send the same girls each time?

Yes. We send at least 2 ladies for each routine home cleaning (more if your home is larger). During the first 2 housekeeping visits, you will meet 3 ladies from our staff of 12, such that you'll have 3 familiar people that you'll expect in your home. Vacations and time-off does occur for our staff so knowing 3 ladies in the beginning always helps to avoid a situation where someone new has to learn how to clean your home after months of service.

What is your process for a vacation rental home cleaning?

A vacation rental home cleaning is slightly different than a home owner cleaning because a tenant has just vacated and a new tenant will be arriving soon. When we arrive at the home, we strip the beds of the linens at the onset of the cleaning visit and start the first wash as soon as possible. The unit is then cleaned fully, paying close attention to bathrooms, floors, kitchen, lanai and living areas. We remove any food or drink from the refrigerator and cabinets (unless you tell us to leave spices, condiments, etc). We empty all the waste bins throughout the home. Finally after all the washes are complete and dried, we make the beds perfectly and fold and put away any towels. Our attention to detail on these type of cleanings is 2nd to none. We understand that a new tenant's first impression is everything for your online reviews and sets the tone for their stay at your home.

Do you also offer office cleaning service?

Yes we do. We currently clean ~25 offices throughout Naples and Bonita. Many of these customers are also customers for their home cleaning needs as well. We pay as close attention to detail with our office cleanings as we do with our home cleanings.

Do you only clean for owners of homes/offices or do you have any larger clients who manage a large number of homes?

We have several large Property Management customers throughout Naples and Bonita where we are cleaning multiple homes of theirs a week. Many of these companies manage either seasonal rentals or annual rentals and we are involved in cleaning after tenants have vacated. We also have several customers that are Home Watch companies and they hire us to clean the homes they watch after owners leave or before they arrive.

Do you offer move-out cleanings?

Yes we do. A move-out cleaning is typically the name given to a cleaning for a home after a longer term tenant has left. These cleanings are usually the toughest type of cleaning that we are hired for. In addition to the normal list of items we clean, we are usually cleaning vent covers, behind appliances, light switch covers, Air handler room and filter, scrubbing baseboards, and a number of other areas that usually require it after a tenant move-out. As these are our most intense type of clean, our prices are slightly higher for this type of cleaning.

We encourage you to read some of our client reviews. We will also be happy to give you a list of references that you may contact.

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